Company Honor Certification Award

Established in 1995, our company has received numerous awards and certifications for our innovative products. As a leader in the global market for electric clothes dryers, we have set up our headquarters in Singapore and expanded our presence across Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. With our state-of-the-art technology and dedication to quality, you can trust that our automated laundry systems will meet all your laundry drying needs. Say goodbye to traditional clothes drying methods and upgrade to the convenience of the orlant automated laundry systems today.

Honors & Certifications


Integrated strong flow and low noise ventilation

The DC brushless technology enables the product's body performance and air duct releasing effective energy perfectly,realizes effective noise reduction of the hot air duct,and high-efficiency and energysaving output of high-volume airflow.

Intelligent Tubular Electric Motor

Symmetrical Torque Making it an even longer life span
Outage Prevention Brakes that prevents unintentional accident

Overheating Protection System Ensuring temperature within optimal range
Core Of Our System France technology integrated design
Hassle-Free Customisation Upper and Lower lifting limitation adjustment
Work Quietly System emits little to no sound ensuring maximum peace and serenity

Quality Titanium-Aluminium-Magnesium-Alloy

48 hours pressure tested
6 coats beautiful finish
32 layers of delicate procedures

3W Disinfection Light

Safe on skin. Suited for pet owners, mother & child

Work Quietly

System emits little to no sound ensuring maximum peace and serenity

Elaborate hook design

Ensures maximum fabric protection

Multi-layered connecting plates

Plastic coated to prevent rusting,with metal internals for strength

Seamless design

Beautiful,sleek,uniformed finish. Elegant design

Elaborate Aluminium clothes hanging poles

Multifunctional clothes hanging pole. You can use it to hang clothes, pillows and blankets

Orlant Smart Clothes Dryer Linkage Expert

Free site survey

Orlant provides free on-site measurement service. Our professional team will recommend the right smart laundry system for you according to your home environment and laundry needs. If you are interested in finding out more about Orlant Smart Laundry System or making an appointment for free on-site site survey, please feel free to let me know and I will provide you with more details.