• Do you have a showroom for us to view the laundry system?

    Yes! We have different dealers carrying our products islandwide!

  • How long does it take to dry up the clothes?

    Depending on the thickness of the clothes, everyday T-shirts will most likely dry up within one cycle. Thicker materials like blankets take 2-3 cycles, depending on the thickness.

  • Is Orlant UV function safe?

    Orlant UV Light is known as UV - -type C; our UV is at 3 watts, which is germicidal, which means it deactivates the DNA of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, disrupting their ability to multiply and cause disease.

    It's strong enough to eliminate microorganisms but not harmful to human bodies.

  • How much electricity is consumed with a heated fan function for one drying cycle?

    For example, if using the machine every day for 4 hours, Singapore's 1kWh of electricity costs 31 cents. The electricity cost per day will be 1.116

  • X- series uses what applications to operate?

    Currently, we are operating our Smart Hanger with TUYA APP. Alternatively, controllers are available for this series.

  • To use Switch/ Powerpoint?

    Single light switch or 3-pin PowerPoint.

  • What will be suggested if the ceiling is higher or lower than usual?

    Our X-series offers different lifting heights; we can enhance the features to your needs if needed. The suitable lifting brackets will be customized to your desired length.

  • How do they do the false ceiling installation?

    Usually, they will drill through the false ceiling and install it on the concrete ceiling inside the false ceiling; however, it is advisable to arrange a site survey before the installation to check how deep the false ceiling is and if there's any piping or wiring.

  • Do you do site surveys for other ceiling types as well?

    We do site surveys for other ceiling types as well! Our technician will explain where to install it, check if your ceiling type is a concrete or false ceiling, and how high is the false ceiling.

  • What are the possible installation techniques if our ceiling is too high?

    We provide wall mount installation and custom mount brackets for other ceilings.

  • How soon can we install it?

    You can contact our Customer Service for the installation date.

  • What is the purpose of an ionizer?

    A negative ion, also known as an anion, is an atom or molecule that has gained one or more electrons, resulting in a net negative electrical charge. Negative ions can help neutralize and eliminate certain indoor odors by binding to odor molecules and breaking them down. This can lead to a fresher-smelling environment.

  • What is the temperature of the heated fan function?

    on average, the heated fan function temperature is at around 50 degrees, except for Model M13, which has a drying bag in which consolidated heat can reach 70~80 degrees

  • What is the difference between different series?

    The K-Series are Korean designed with essential functions consisting of Lights and Up & Down Functions only.

    The M-Series & X-Series come with Multiple Functions such as a heated fan, UV, Lights, and Ioniser; the difference between them is the Smart Home Function that only the X-Series offers.

    The newest E-Series comes with 2 Models, One with only basic functions & another one with multiple functions.

  • Do you provide relocation services?

    Yes, we have relocation service; however, additional charges occur.

  • What is the load capacity?

    Load capacity depending on models. Our basic models usually support 35KG of load, and our multi-functional models usually support 35~55KG, depending on the model.

  • How does the warranty work, and how long?

    One Servicing Warranty, Plus, there is a complimentary lifetime warranty for parts. (Only pay for the $100 workman fee)

  • Orlant Voice Control Command ?